FabriQ works in synergy with the territory and collaborates with the inhabitants and associations of the neighborhood: for several years it has carried out territorial animation actions, cultural offerings, sports and training activities.

Most of our initiatives were born by talking to people, listening to needs and networking with the realities of the area.

We turn to young and old, who want to do and create, participate and actively contribute to community life.

Where is it? In the spaces of FabriQ, at the sports pitch, in the CAM garden and throughout the neighborhood, also covering the territories of the Town Hall 8 and 9.

Like? If you have an idea to propose for an event, an initiative, courses or a workshop to be built together by co-designing, fill out the form: our team will answer you, and in case of alignment with the services we offer, our network and resources, we will propose an initial orientation meeting, which may lead to a real collaboration.

to purpose your idea fill in the form