FabriQ Wins the Innovation in Politics Award in the Jobs category

The award ceremony in Berlin on 5 December: 400 candidates, 80 finalists and 8 winners of the 8 categories, selected by a jury of more than 1000 European citizens, all in the presence of over 500 guests from 20 European countries, from all over the world politics, economics, society, media and the arts

The Innovation in Politics Institute rewards successful policies, implemented to strengthen, develop and inspire democratic politics: it celebrates Europe's most innovative political work. The Municipality of Milan with the incubator FabriQ wins the first prize in the JOBS category for the tangible impact of the project on the life of citizens and the territory, respect for European values ​​and the creation of trust in institutions. Thanks to the work of these years, FabriQ and their team have supported 60 startups and projects that with their innovative ideas, services and products have been able to match economic growth with the social needs of the peripheral territories in which they are established.

Il video e la presentazione di FabriQ agli Innovation in Politics Award 2019