Do you work in social innovation and are you looking for support in developing of your business idea?


A lot of training: a rich path of lectures and workshops on the fundamental themes for every startup that wants to create a real impact in society. From the tools to open a social innovation business to the creation of a business plan, everything every social entrepreneur needs to know to build a successful startup.


Each team is followed by a tutor, who supports them in the implementation of the work plan agreed at the beginning of the course. The tutorship includes both periodic meetings with the team and remote support. Report The tutor draws up a periodic report together with the team on the progress of the incubation process. An important moment of verification to take stock of the growth of the incubated company.

Peer sessions

You don't just learn in class. Throughout the process, the teams are involved in a busy program of confrontation, sharing and exchange activities to share successes and lessons learned and weaknesses.


The network is one of the most precious resources for every startup. This is why the teams are offered a series of opportunities to create connections, get to know and make themselves known. People, skills, resources. The networking will be aimed both at creating a solid community among incubated teams and at integrating into rich and extensive networks, such as the national and international network of Impact Hub and Giacomo Brodolini Foundation.


The whole path is accompanied by a series of dedicated meetings. Professionals, social entrepreneurs, investors, experts and visionaries. A universe of people from which to draw inspiration and advice and to confront and establish relationships.


Companies incubated in FabriQ also receive support in promotion. In addition to having a dedicated space on the website and on all the communication of the incubator, FabriQ companies are involved in the presentation events organized ad hoc or in collaboration with other subjects (incubators, competitions, institutions, and others). We can help you find Business Angels or other investors willing to financially support your incubation path.
Possiamo aiutarvi a trovare Business Angels o altri investitori disposti a supportare finanziariamente il vostro percorso di incubazione.

Two ways to access to our incubation program:

  • Applicate for calls,here the list of open calls qui .
  • Direct Access send us your proposals by email. mail: if we consider the project interesting, we will invite your team to a first meeting to get to know each other and to evaluate together the possible ways of collaboration. The cost of the service is charged to the incubated company.