FabriQ is the social innovation incubator of the Municipality of Milan, managed operationally by an ATI (Temporary Business Association) made up of the Giacomo Brodolini Foundation and Impact Hub Milano

Comune di Milano

The Department for Labor Policies, Productive Activities, Trade and Human Resources of the Municipality of Milan, with the Urban and Labor Policies Department, promotes intelligent development of the city as a great opportunity for economic and employment growth, for the innovation and social integration in Milan. It invests in social innovation in close relationship with the system of businesses, universities and research centers. It facilitates technology transfer and promotes growth opportunities for young people, the weak sections of the labor market and the suburbs.

Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini

European cultural and research center, born in 1971, is today a think & do institution that identifies and combines supply and demand for innovation through integrated processes that generate shared value and social impact, creating and animating physical hubs and virtual platforms, connecting local ecosystems for innovation at an international level, developing human capital through training programs. It counts 10 innovation hubs distributed between Milan, Turin, Aosta, Pisa and Emilia Romagna

Impact Hub Milano

Impact Hub is an international network of coworking spaces dedicated to social innovation where entrepreneurs, creatives and professionals can access resources, be inspired by the work of others, have innovative ideas, develop useful relationships and identify market opportunities. Impact Hub Milano is the first Italian node of this network and the first center in Italy dedicated to innovation and social entrepreneurship and to the people who promote it.